Contact your Elected Officials and Ask Where They Stand in Protecting Homeowners

Ask Why They are Failing to Act to Reform HOA Laws that Enable Abuse of Owners

HOA Community Owners in North Carolina testified during State-wide Public Hearings by the NC Legislature’s

House Select Committee on HOAs.  The Committee’s Conclusion, after a Year of Study and Public Hearings:

Link >>  Read the Full NC Legislature HOA Committee Report May 1, 2012

Ask your NC Legislator why the HOA Task Force they recommended to protect Owners was never appointed.

Was it stopped by HOA Industry Lobbyists for their benefit or by Owners who supported it ?  Ask Legislators to Vote for YOU, not the Lobbyists !


                      Click for Link to Official NC State Document   >>   NC Secretary of State FAQ Document Offered to HOA Homeowners

There is no place today to file a HOA complaint or suggestion with ANY State Agency in NC

“Although the [NC} Department of Justice receives many complaints each year relating to HOAs,

to date the Attorney General has not initiated or intervened in any proceedings involving disputes

between homeowners and associations, association management companies, or association attorneys.”



Call Your Legislator and Ask For Legislation to Support Protection of Homeowners

Talk to Your Neighbors and Ask Them What They Know ...


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100 Liens a Month = 100 x up to $1000 for Legal Fess to be paid by Owners =  $100,000 for Mike Hunter and his HOA Law Firm !!

All because an Owner is 3 Months behind on HOA Assessments that can be as little as $25 !!  WHO DOES THAT SERVE ?  THE HOA ATTORNEY !    

Now the Owner has to pay Mike and the HOA to keep his / her Home out of a Non Judicial Foreclosure (“on the Courthouse Steps”)